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Borrowed Time
On February 20, 2013 we sent another AP back out to train and work in the field before he finishes his two years. We love you Elder Schulte and wish you the very best in Den Helder with your new companion Elder Giles. Elder Schulte, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Van Rij

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 5, 2011

Dear Family,
 I am beaming right now! I am so stoked for BYU and Northwestern that they won their football games! It's about time that Cass has gone 0-3. Does Northwestern have Nike jerseys this year? From the picture I saw it looked like it. How does James' shoulder feel? Ah dang, no one is wearing 31 this year? I was wondering who might've had it, haha. Things this week were pretty good. I'm just getting anxious for these baptisms to go through. I feel like I was given one last shot in Amsterdam and I'm trying everything I can this transfer. I think I just need more faith. But, Life is well! I love it here.  In the last e-mail, mom asked if there was anything I needed. I was wondering if that package has left yet? If not could you throw a few things in there?  Could you put pictures on a flash card from my personal hard drive from BYU and stuff? Also I asked president if the "Nearer album could be added to the music list. He said go ahead and send it and he wants to listen first. I think I may need my glasses as well. I hate to say it dad but I never registered to vote. Also I am only here for a few more weeks so if you want anything from Amsterdam, now is the time to let me know :).  We had the opportunity to do a lot of service this week. Moving a washer down 3 flights of stairs, you know how European stairwells are... The weather has been super nice lately so we have been able to talk to a lot of people. I love this work. It definitely is pushing me and I love it. Hope you have a great week and it was good hearing from you!
Elder Schulte

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