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Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time
On February 20, 2013 we sent another AP back out to train and work in the field before he finishes his two years. We love you Elder Schulte and wish you the very best in Den Helder with your new companion Elder Giles. Elder Schulte, Sister Robinson, President Robinson, Elder Van Rij

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Dear Family,

Thanks for the e-mails! It was really great to hear from all of you.

I am really enjoying my time back here in Amsterdam. We have been working super hard and we are seeing a lot of success! We met a family this past week and invited them to be baptized in December. They all accepted. We'll be meeting with them twice a week to help them prepare. We have 7 friends in total right now that are working for scheduled baptisms. Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks for the prayers for miracles, Paige. They are happening, everyday! We had some really cool experiences this past week. We worked with the Elders in Enschede. They just opened the city up again we helped them jumpstart it. I had the opportunity to use my Chinese and German. It was great! We found this really cool Chinese kid. I had this special feeling about him. I bet he gets baptized in a month. His western name that he adopted is James.
Thanks a ton for the Halloween package! That was probably one of the best packages I have ever received! Thank you for that. Please tell Vicky that it was really sweet of her family members to send the Halloween pumpkin cards.

We got word of the storms in the East. Thank you for letting me know how our family was doing. I was really worried about them. Holy cow, it sounds like it was really bad.
The mission is seeing all sorts of success right now. I am amazed at all of the things going on. We will have a new stake in no time! I will try and get letters off to grandparents today. Please let them know how thankful I am for the kind words that they have sent my way.  
Have a great week!

Elder Schulte

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